Sunday, October 2, 2016

Downtown Yoga Shala in San Jose

Thank you everyone for coming to practice!! I'm so grateful that I can share my practice with all of you. Special thanks to Veronica for hosting.

I hope to see everyone again soon! :)

Downtown Yoga Shala

Morning coffee with Jovanna before teach my Mysore class  :)

Potluck on last day

Wild Deers

Short hike and to see top view of silicon valley.

Stanford University. Thank you Veronica for taking us there!

Google Bike! I don't have any pictures of us but we visited Google Campus.  Thank you Arnaud for inviting. We had a great time with you and it was an interesting experience to see the campus! :)

Thank you David for taking us to Apple campus and giving us Apple amazing gifts. We had a great time with you and it was a fun experience :)