*The pacific time (USA) zone schedule is below.


[マイソール クラス]
Atsuro先生の的確な言葉でのアジャストメントは深い内観へ導かれる手助けとなり、意識がより深いプラクティスへの集中に結びつきます。正しい身体の使い方を詳細な説明とデモンストレーションから学び、怪我を 防止し、ヨガで起きた怪我は改善され、安全で効果的な実践へと導かれます。

[レッド クラス]

[日時・クラス内容]  -Japan time-
火曜日(Tue) 7:00 ~ 9:15   マイソール / Mysore(定員15名)
木曜日(Thu) 7:00 ~ 9:15  マイソール / Mysore(定員15名)
土曜日(Sat)  7:00 ~ 9:15  マイソール / Mysore(定員15名)
日曜日(Sun) 7:00 ~ 9:00  レッド・プライマリーLed Primary 

1クラス    2,500
5クラス  10,000
10クラス   ¥18,000



1、氏名 (Full Name)
4、クラス数 / 支払方法(LINE Pay銀行振込 
千葉淳郎 / Atsuro Chiba



[Ashtanga Led / Mysore classes]-pacific time

Thanks to all of you who who have been practicing in my online classes. The Zoom online classes will be held until June 28th. Future classes may be extended depending on the lockdown situation.

Join this small group setting practice through Zoom online. Atsuro is offering verbal adjustments, demonstration, tips and detailed technical guidance to assist your practice through live online class.

Learn the most effective and safe practice for each practitioner through detailed verbal explanations and demonstrations to deepen your practice with the knowledge you need.

[Mysore Style]
Atsuro’s accurate verbal adjustments and demonstrations help lead to a deeper insight and a focus on deeper practice. By learning in detail how to use your body correctly, you will be able to prevent injuries or improve your injuries that occurred during practice, and lead to safe and effective practice.

[Led class] 
Atsuro's traditional Sanskrit counts create a rhythm that synchronizes your breathing with your body. His verbal adjustments that lead to the correct asana and the details needed to deepen your asanas will be given, it leads to various awareness.

[Class schedule] -
Pacific time
Monday :       15:00 - 17:15   - Mysore Class (Limited to 15 students) 
Wednesday : 15:00 - 17:15   - Mysore Class 
(Limited to 15 students) 
Friday :          15:00 - 17:15   - Mysore Class (Limited to 15 students) 
Saturday :      15:00 - 17:00   - Led Primary Series 

Hawaii time
Monday :       12:00 - 15:15   - Mysore Class (Limited to 15 students) 
Wednesday : 12:00 - 15:15   - Mysore Class 
(Limited to 15 students) 
Friday :          12:00 - 15:15   - Mysore Class (Limited to 15 students) 
Saturday :      12:00 - 15:00   - Led Primary Series 

Single class:         $23
5 class series:      $95
10 class series:  $170

Sign up for a class by contacting Atsuro Chiba with your FULL NAMECELL PHONE number and the DATE you'd like to join. You will receive an email with Zoom link to join the class.  
Venmo: @Atsuro-Chiba

[Private class]
30min/ $45
60min/ $80

Please contact Atsuro about what you would like to learn about the private class, including time, etc.