Sunday, June 25, 2017

I’ll be back to Encinitas soon!

<My class schedule in Ashtanga Yoga Center>
Monday, Friday 9am Mysore class from June 30th
Tuesday 7am Led class for Tim Miller from July 18th-August 15th 

I will be happy to see Timji and all of you šŸ™

ćƒ†ć‚£ćƒ ・ćƒŸćƒ©ćƒ¼ć®ć‚¢ć‚·ćƒ„ć‚æćƒ³ć‚¬ćƒØć‚¬ć‚»ćƒ³ć‚æćƒ¼ćÆē“ ę™“悉恗恄ē‰¹åˆ„ćŖć‚Øćƒćƒ«ć‚®ćƒ¼ć§ęŗ€ć”ęŗ¢ć‚Œć¦ć„ć¾ć™。ćƒØć‚¬ć‚’ę·±ćå­¦ć³ćŸć„ę–¹ć«ćŠå‹§ć‚ć—ć¾ć™ šŸ˜Š

Photo by Genevieve Kim