Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ashtanga Yoga Intensive in Karma Studio in Finland

Atsuro Chiba will be teaching in Karma Studio (Turku, Finland) in July 22-31, 2016.

During this ten day long ashtanga yoga intensive course with Atsuro Chiba, you will deepen your knowledge about ashtanga yoga both in practice and theory. The daily asana practice is the foundation of ashtanga yoga. You can choose between Mysore or led class, or attend even both. In pranayama classes you will learn different breathing techniques. Atsuro will cover special themes related to ashtanga yoga in the workshops. In workshops #3 and #4 you will learn how to adjust in asana practice. In workshop #1 Atsuro will help you to turn your world upside-down. In workshop #5 he will guide you through asanas that will deepen your backbends and make your hips more open. Workshops #2 and #6 will take you out of your comfort zone to explore asanas from the 3rd and 4th Series. The course will be in English.

Atsuro Chiba has been practicing and studying ashtanga yoga with Tim Miller for over ten years. Tim has given Atsuro the position to teach and assist in Mysore classes and in Teacher Trainings. Atsuro has completed the 4th Series, and he is currently learning the 5th Series. Atsuro’s daily Ashtanga Yoga practice continues to change and shape his life in a positive way. He is grateful to be able to share his knowledge of the practice, and appreciates Ashtanga Yoga as a wonderful science of the mind, body and spirit. 

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Ashtanga yoga intensive course with Atsuro Chiba is hosted by Karma Studio ( The studio is located in the city center of Turku. The street address is Eerikinkatu 38, Turku, Finland.

There are only 18 places available to make sure you will get the most out of this intensive course. Those who register for all ten days will be registered before others.